About Us
How We Got Started


PRIVATE STRUCTURE is a fashionable undergarment company established in 1999 and managed by a team of ardent Malaysians.  Started as an OEM factory for world renowned sportswear, casual and lifestyle brands, we have decided to create our very own brand.

With years of adventurous journey, PRIVATE STRUCTURE is one of the pioneers in offering colorful men’s underwear and never stops exploring and taking in any wild ideas to keep the wheel rolling.

Brand Story

Aspired for ultimate comfort with trendy looking briefs, that’s where everything started. Men’s undergarment was once just a piece of undergarment merely to cover up and for hygiene purposes, but we want to go beyond just that. We are determined to propel the men’s underwear industry to make and define men’s underwear NOT equal to boring! It can be one of the mood changer piece in your wardrobe. We incorporate ideas, modern and sophisticated cutting with styles to enhance body silhouette.


Brand Character

Contemporary, Sporty, Decently Exotic, Body Conscious, Superior Comfort, Adventurous, Boundless Colors



Being the game changer, we never settle for ordinary, from departmental stores to boutique worthy underwears.  We are the first few players in history to develop multicolor men’s underwear out of the tones of rainbow and cover up waistband seam line with label for a more polished look. 

We create cuttings that gives you the effects like in-plant, yet molded perfectly to your body form. Developing all cuts and moving alongside with the footage of current trend, to provide confident booster to our customers.