Alpha - The Atelier Undergarments

Exploring Private Structure's artisanal craftsmanship in Alpha Collection.

Alpha - The Atelier Undergarments

Hello and welcome to the amazing world of Private Structure's Alpha line, where bold flair and inventive artistry redefine masculinity beyond conventional limits. With this collection, apparel becomes an experience, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to quality and limitless inventiveness.

Created in the Private Structure Atelier, every piece demonstrates the unmatched skills of artistry and craftsmanship. The process of creating the Alpha line involves careful consideration of every little detail, making it a little like manufacturing exquisite apparel. Making sure every item of clothing fits like a glove and offers both comfort and style is the hardest part.


Nonetheless, the craftspeople at Private Structure enjoyed themselves and never stopped exploring possibilities with all the unusual materials and constructions. You can anticipate the unexpected at Alpha.

The combination of elegant mesh and strong PU leather, along with empowering stretch bands, a 3D pouch, and a washable leather badge label, form the foundation of the Alpha line. Together, these bold components produce designs that are funky but subtly covered, radiating an attraction that is hard to ignore and titillates the senses.


Our artists take our fabrics and turn them into works of art rather than just raw materials. Each stitch is expertly timed to combine comfort and style in a seamless manner. Every detail, from finely crafted embroidery to expertly cut patterns, is carefully thought out, producing clothes that redefine fashion as an experience as much as a statement.

The Alpha series is evidence of our commitment to bold aesthetics and superb craftsmanship. A wide range of textiles, from elegant mesh to strong PU leather, are investigated with an unrestricted artisan's touch. These items are more than simply clothes; they are pioneers' friends and the fashionable armour of party warriors. They are made of unusual materials and effortlessly combine style and functionality to provide unmatched comfort and support.


Wearing Alpha is a declaration of lifestyle—a strong, fearless take on style that exudes confidence in every move. It's an exploration into unexplored fashion frontiers where creativity is unbridled and limits dissolve, beyond clothes.



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