Pleasing is yourself


Hey there, ever heard the gem:

“You can’t make everybody happy; you’re not selling ice cream!”

I mean, imagine being an ice cream vendor and trying to whip up every flavor in the universe – mission impossible, right? We've all been there, desperately juggling to seek approval and keep everyone happy like a circus act.

But we’re not clowns, and life's not a never-ending show. We're more like a cool local café, serving up our own unique blend. Not everyone’s gonna queue up for it, and that’s a-okay. It’s like having a friend who’s just super into espresso when you’re all about the caramel macchiato.


So here's the scoop: setting boundaries is your superpower. You're not handing out scoops of your time and energy to every passerby. And when it comes to friends, it's about quality, not quantity – just like one scoop of dreamy gelato kicks the pants off a whole stack of plain ol' popsicles. Remember,


You're a limited edition, not some mass-produced. Pleasing yourself isn’t selfish; it’s like being the master conductor of your own symphony – and trust me, that's where the real fun begins!